XS-Wings - By Benjamin Sitar

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We're immensly proud of being a UK based company, all of our products are made here in the UK and as such were very happy to announce Sponsorship and support for some of Team GB's Youth archery squad, including Jack Grogan, Patrick Houston, Sam Jeram and Jodie Grinham as well as a rang eof other archers within UK archery.

XS-WINGS Spin Wing Fletchings
Pack of 50 vanes


XS-Wings are high performance vanes, made by Benjamin Sitar, owner of Xs-Wings and his father Vlado Sitar former world-class archer with 30 years of experience.  


Unlike other spin vanes on the market these have been developed to both perform and LAST - being made of a much tougher material than others.  A positive effect of this; they are also easier to fit - of great help to those who hate fletchings spin wings!

Used by many archers around the world, including ArrowSocks sponsored Team World Field Champion and Team GB Member; Patrick Huston. 

"I've been shooting Xs Wings for the last year and a half. They are a brilliant product which I am certain has helped me to World Championship Gold in both Target and Field Archery disciplines due to their rugged nature and unparalleled accuracy! Ben Sitar has Fletch manufacturing in his veins, or should I say vanes, as the company was started by his father. This experience shows by the superb quality of his Xs Wings!" Patrick Huston


  • Available in different sizes, colours, stiffnesses and left/right hand to match any archer and bow (currently we only have long, 70mm indoor vanes available)
  • Strong material - resists folding and damage
  • Shield cut design
  • Easy to fit
  • Anchor tape and adhesive strips included (coloured anchor tapes available in our shop!)
• 50mm 
Suitable replacement for classic helical vanes (used by pro recurve archers, Patrick Huston double world champion)
• 60mm Low Profile 
Suitable for recurve bows under 40 pounds and compound bows with speeds under 270 fps
• 60mm High Profile
Suitable for recurve and takedown bows over 50 pounds and compound bows with speeds above 270 fps (used by pro compound archers, Toja Černe, Dejan Sitar)
Best used for Hit-Miss, Field and Olympic Round competitions
Also provides excellent broad head stabilization

• 70mm 
Offers smooth stability on short distances
Recommended for all recurve, compound and bare bows
Recommended for indoor and 3D competitions
100mm ***NEW!***
Offers smooth stability on short distances
Low Profile for Recurve archers
High Profile for Compound Archers.
Patrick HUSTON - Team GB ArrowSocks





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