Fractal Art Wraps - Design 1

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Fractal Art Design 1

A mix of dark reds, black and white.

FULL WRAP: (Goes under fletchings)
ArrowSocks Realistic Zebra Fur

We're excited to present Liams Fractal Artwork in wrap form.  We made Liam's wife some arrow wraps using artwork they provided some time ago and they have kindly allowed us to use his work on our website.  A percentage of every sale goes direct to the artist.

About the artist:

Liam Donoghue has been producing fractal art for well over 20 years now, from the early days of the psychedelic Mandelbrots through the computer explosion to now, where advanced tools and processing power allow him to produce large format high detail images far removed from the early days.

With inspirations from many places, like the use of light found in Turner paintings and the colours found in the impressionists paintings, there are themes of nature and beauty, but obviously there is a lot of the abstract in the work.

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